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We are a National Sewing and Designing Competition supported by the American Wool industry.



100% wool or specialty wool fibers include alpaca, angora, camel, cashmere, llama, mohair

or Wool blends containing a minimum of 60% wool or specialty wool fiber must be used for each fashion fabric, fiber or yarn.


Garment body (back, front and sleeves) must be made from wool or wool-blend fabric. When these pieces- back, front, sleeves- are joined together, a wearable garment is created.

Vests may have the back made of non-wool fabric when it (vest) is worn with a suit or a sport coat or blazer. The back must be made from wool fabric if the vest is worn alone with pants, skirt and/or outer-wear coat/jacket.

Trims, lace or other open- weave or decorative fabrics not meeting the 60% wool fiber minimum, must not completely cover nor replace any portion of the major garment sections- back, front, sleeves.

Trims, facings, linings, interfacings and underlining may be from fabrics other than wool or wool blends.

Hand- spun yarns and/or hand woven fabrics may be used and must meet above criteria.

ALL fabrics/yarns for the Junior, Senior, and Adult divisions must be tested  at the designated lab by the state director for percentage of wool content prior to the district or state competition. Any fabrics not meeting the criteria will disqualify the entry.

Clorox and burn tests are NOT acceptable tests for determining percentage of wool fiber content for participation in the Junior, Senior, or Adult levels of MIWW. 


Wool blends containing a minimum of 60% wool or specialty wool fiber must be used for each fashion fabric, fiber or yarn.