Welcome to the National Make it with Wool Website
We are a National Sewing and Designing Competition supported by the American Wool industry.



College Students enrolled in Fashion or Apparel Design create an original garment design (flat pattern, draping or CAD) and then sew, knit, crochet or felt the garment(s) using wool fabrics, fibers and/or yarns.




  • Only students currently pursuing a degree in a college-level fashion or apparel design program may participate.
  • Garment may be created for the participant or another/ model.



  • ·   100% wool or
    • Specialty wool fibers include alpaca, angora, camel, cashmere, llama, mohair, and vicuna.
    • All fabrics/yarns will be tested for wool percentage by Yocum-McColl Testing Labs, Inc.
      • MIWW National Director will submit all samples for lab testing.
      • Garment(s) made from fabrics not meeting the minimum wool requirements will be disqualified.
  • Garment body (back, front and sleeves) must be made from wool or wool-blend fabric. When these pieces- back, front, sleeves- are joined together, a wearable garment is created.
  • Draped garments must be made entirely from wool or wool blend fabrics containing the minimum percentage of wool.
    • Trims, facings, linings, interfacings and underlining may be from fabrics other than wool or wool blends.
    • Rovings and other materials used in fabric treatments, such as felting, must meet the minimum percentage of wool fiber and must not alter the total percentage of wool of the garment section..
    • Sheep and/or lamb pelts and leather may be used as trim only.

    Wool blends containing a minimum of 60% wool or specialty wool fiber for each fashion fabric, fiber or yarn used.



  Part 1-

1. Obtain entry form and official rules from school representative or www.makeitwithwool.com/fashiondesigncontest.htm

     2.Send top copy of completed Entry Form with a $20 entry fee (includes fee for fabric testing) and 2 (two) 5” X 5” samples of each fabric used; or  36” length of each yarn used

Check payable to: National MIWW

Advisor must sign the entry form

Mail to: National MIWW, PO Box 215, 

            Encampment, WY 82325

Must be postmarked by November 1st

Part 2-Submit completed Portfolio containing:

1. A second copy of the entry form

2. 2 (two) 5” X 5” samples of each fabric used;            or 36” length of each yarn used- Fabric pieces              may be sewn together to obtain required                      size. Yarns and fibers must be knitted, crocheted          or felted to create a 5” X 5” sample

3Design presentation boards with sketches showing various angles of garment(s)at least   8 1/2 “ X 11” and not larger than 11” X 14”

4.Description of garment(s) and accessories (if             accessories are made of wool and are                         handmade)

5Description of design method/ process  used (flat pattern/ CAD/ draping, or    combination)

    6.5” X 7” or 8” X 10” photos showing front and             back of garment(s) worn by participant/ model-  Some helpful tips- Plain, uncluttered            background is recommended   Light background for dark garments and dark background for light garments

7. 2- 3 minute video (on DVD or Jump Drive) of           the garment worn and styled by participant/                 model

-Begin with garment front, show back and

sides of garment

-Include close-ups showing design and

construction details, fit, etc.

-NO commentary, music or artistic camera


Participant’s name must NOT be attached to any item in the portfolio.

Attach a cover page for the Fashion/ Apparel Design Coordinator with the following information only: (Judges will NOT see this information)

1. Participant name, home and school addresses, date of birth, email address, phone number(s)

2.Name of College/ University

3.Major and Minor (when applicable) course of study

4.Advisor’s name, school address, email, and phone number(s)

  • Portfolio must be postmarked by November 1 of competition year and reach Fashion/ Apparel Design Coordinator by November 7.
    • Select box of appropriate size and shape for the Portfolio contents.
    • Allow adequate time for box to arrive at destination.
    • Mail to: Meegan Veeder-Shave, 475 N. Quaker Lane, Hyde Park, NY 12538
    • Judging will occur by Thanksgiving.
    • Contestants will be notified (usually in December) of results after the final judging.
  • Photos, fabric samples, presentation boards will be displayed during the National MIWW Sewing Competition in January. They will become the property of National MIWW.



  • Marketability- Garment(s) conveys/ promotes the beauty, comfort and versatility of wool.
  • Originality, creativity in garment design and use of wool fabrics, fibers and/ or yarn.
  • Effectiveness of design
  • Use and presentation of wool fabrics, fibers and/ or yarns
  • Quality of construction
  • Fit and overall appearance
  • Portfolio is COMPLETE and all instructions have been followed.

  • Winner will receive a $1000 scholarship from the American Wool Council and a Trip (Travel and Lodging) to the National MIWW Sewing Competition in January. Participate in the National MIWW Fashion Show and other activities. Designer is responsible for their model’s travel and lodging expenses. Prior arrangements may be made with the National MIWW Director to use another model at the convention. Fashion Apparel Design Winner may not compete again.Individuals may not participate in the State Sewing Competition and the Fashion/ Apparel Design Competition during the same year. Must choose one. Competition may be discontinued due to lack of entries or loss of funding.