Be a winner with wool  enter the 2011 competition

Yardage of a grey Pendleton Wool fabric was given to those who were interested in competing in a special wool challenge competition.  The following rules were established:
    1.) Construct a garment or fashion accessory using the laminated wool as the main body.
    2.) Other fabrics and trims are permitted and are not required to be wool.
    3.) Items must be hand or machine sewn.  Glues and adhesives are not acceptable construction techniques.
    4.) Challenge entry item(s) are NOT eligible for MIWW competitions.
    5.) Challenge items will be judged by Pendleton Woolen Mill personnel and prizes will be awarded.
Take a look below for pictures of the items entered.
The joint competition presented by the Make It With Wool program and Pendleton Woolen Mill's for the 'PENDLETON WOOL CHALLENGE' was a delight to judge. 
The judging team included staff from our three divisions:  Womenswear:  Linda C. Parker, Pendleton Women's Communications Manager; Menswear:  Debbie D. Coryell, Pendleton Menswear Communications Manager; and Home:  Kathy M. Monaghan, Pendleton Home Project Manager.
There were lots of oohs and aahs and look at this . . . all before we got serious and turned to thoroughly looking (inside and out) at the presented items.  Although all of the products submitted showed a lot of design thought and creativity and even some items with a bit more venture into the trims' arena, we were extremely impressed with two outstanding items.
Grand Prize:  #5 the gun case
    Not only was it an unusual item, but it was an outstanding choice for an accessory piece.  It showed a high level of sewing skill with the needle felt, detail stitching, creative use of the masculine charcoal laminated fabric with the touches of feminine, pink trim and bold black and white sections. The continuation of the black/white trim detail from the outside to the inside lining showed attention to detail.  All in all it was rugged, but girly, unusual and looked as if it would hold up to use.
Runner-up Prize:  #8 the fur collar jacket
    Even though this item was a jacket, it showed a strong sense of confidence in bringing all of the elements together.  Outstanding was the placement of the zipper embellishments, the use and shape of leather on the sleeves, and the use of a form-fitting body, all feminine while using the coarser charcoal laminated fabric.  Top all this with the surprising lining and it was a showpiece.
Thank you for this opportunity to further support the Make It With Wool program.
Firearms Case - Marisa Linton - NC,
Apron - Lauren Parks - IL
Double Breasted  Coat
Hannah Wegehaupt - SD
Computer Bag - Stephanie August- PA
Purse - Lynette Chase - NY
Runner Up-Fur Collared Jacket -
Anna Charest -- New England
Child's Vest - Breanne Lippy - MD,
Tote - Jasmine Powell - MT,
Cape - Rachel Kennedy - UT